Chlorinated Rubber

Main applications of Chlorinated Rubber

Used mainly in marine, swimming pool and traffic paint applications.

Naval industry

Used as anticorrosive and antivegetative paint for the naval industry (keels, overstructures, etc.).

Paints for:

- Swimming-pools
- Cement
- Concrete coatings
- Asbestos cements
- Grès
- Marbles

Traffic paints
Anticorrosive paints

Used as anticorrosive paints for inside and outside:
Chemical industry, bridges, tankcars, raffineries, tanks, nuclear plants, farming machines, galvanoplastics laboratories, purification plants, etc.

Thick coating paints
Fire retardant paints
Strip paints
Paints for wood
Paints for adhesives
Paints for rotogravure inks
Paints for textile and paper industry